Friday, September 12, 2008

Renting from A. Cavallo Violins

     Parents come to us with a dilemma: What is the best route for my child this year?  Can I rent or should I buy?  Should I rent from a "music store" or should I rent from a legit violin shop, buy on line, rent on line, rent from my teacher or school......The questions go on and on.

     If you are someone looking for a temporary stringed instrument for either your child or yourself, look no further. In addition to A. Cavallo's reasonably priced violins and cellos, we also offer an extensive rental program for all your stringed instrument needs.  We individually spend time with you, have written warranties and can honor them with our fully staffed workshop, and will keep your child fiddling!

     The first impression any customer may have when considering renting from A. Cavallo is that we charge much more than our competitors. Why might people think this way about A. Cavallo? To put it simply, it is because of our location and appearance. Our company is based in the midst of some very exclusive and high-end grocery stores, coffee shops, and other places which sell high priced amenities. We at A. Cavallo would agree that our shop is quite different from our surrounding neighbors within The Village. We offer

violin and cello rentals at a very reasonable price manageable for almost all budgets. Most of all, we will do whatever we can to make sure you, as a customer, are satisfied with your rental and the price you pay for it bef

ore you walk out our door.

     When you walk through the door of a large company looking to satisfy your violin or cello needs, chances are the attention shown to you will be quite minimal. Customer service is a very important aspect here and you will be greeted with the greatest of enthusiasm and the utmost respect. Alex (president of A. Cavallo) will greet you with a warm smile and an untamable passion for stringed instruments. If Alex happens to be out at the time, Cassy (general manager) will help you with all your needs and questions. 

As a matter of fact, all of the employees at A. Cavallo have at least one degree in string instrument

 performance! For us here at A. Cavallo Violins, to know a customer's name is not uncommon. Alex frequently greets people

who come into our shop by their first or last name. Renting a violin or cello will be easier than you ever thought, thanks to our prices, customer service, and individual attention.


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