Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shop's Commercial Adventure

It was Monday, the beginning of a fresh week for A. Cavallo Violins LLC. The employees arrived here at nine in the morning, four hours before we were supposed to open. There was a sense of crisp, new energy in the air for the staff. Other than shipping, Mondays are usually relatively quiet here. This Monday was to stand very much apart from the rest of the week however.

This was the day the Omaha news team from channel seven was supposed to film a commercial for us. We laid out a very impressive display of basses, cellos, violas, and violins. The entire show room of A. Cavallo Violins was laden with bright new stringed instruments from our vast collection. Looking at our display from the front of the room, it looked as if there was a vast ocean of stringed instruments blocking and restraining us from going anywhere. It would have been incredibly easy to simply stumble trying to zig-zag your way through this array of delicate wooden creations. One can only imagine the domino effect this would have caused on the instruments; basically a violin dealer’s worst nightmare could have come true if we had not been careful.

After the session upstairs was drawn to a close, the camera crew then proceeded to go downstairs to continue filming. It was quite entertaining with all the lights turned off and Matt and Maddy acting out their screenplay. Matt could hardly contain himself from laughing as Maddy would ask him a scripted question. As soon as the camera was turned off, everyone would burst out laughing. It was as if we were making a blockbuster and the main stars of the show were two violin technicians: Maddy and Matt.

As all five of us stood for a “family” photo at the end, you could feel a sense of genuine warmth in the air. A. Cavallo Violins is much more than a typical music store on some corner. All the employees here look out for one another and keep each other going on stressful days. We work in a very encouraging and upbeat environment, which makes this place much more attractive to new and old customers. When all of us first arrived here, we were co-workers, now we are friends.

-Daniel Jacobson- College Intern in Marketing

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