Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wholesale Trip To Minneapolis, MN

   A. Cavallo Violins has began to venture deeper into the world of wholesale.  With the size of the company having increased by a significant margin, A. Cavallo Violins is just beginning to explore the opportunities and benefits of wholesale. Employing the new whole sale name of  Musaica Imports, Dr. Ross and I (Daniel Jacobsen) began the company’s second wholesale trip, this time to Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota. We left at approximately a quarter to 6 in the evening on the thirteenth of July. After a little more than six hours of riding in a car, we arrived in Minneapolis exhausted from the long trip but ready to undertake the challenge that lay before us in the coming days.

     Instead of staying at a hotel during our trip, we stayed at the house of none other than the principal cellist of the Minnesota Orchestra, Anthony ross, the brother of Alex Ross. As soon as we arrived, we were immediately greeted by their family dog, Ozzy, bigger than any dog I’ve seen in my life, but yet the most gentle animal you could imagine.

     The next morning, we began our day by enjoying a relaxing breakfast at Einstein’s and then set out to see our first client. Every violin dealer had a different approach and desire as to what they were looking for in an instrument. Some wanted a thin finger board, others thought that a thick finger board was more desirable. Some clients were so particular with the fittings and other instrument pieces that they would sort through them and pick out the ones they wanted and the ones they didn’t want.  Some of our wholesale instrument fittings have designs upon them which aim them more at a very specific market of the music industry The smallest details upon our instrument fittings were closely scrutinized by the dealers we met with. To say the least, they were impressed with our selection of fittings and the price attached to them. However, at this time of year the music business is somewhat slow and clients we met with offered to give our offers more thought as business picks up during the school year.

     The clients we met with were overwhelmingly gracious towards Dr. Ross and me. They were professional and wanted to get straight to business, which we both appreciated.  The last thing you want is to spend two or three hours with the client talking and then leave empty handed. Luckily, our trip proved to be fruitful for the most part. Clients are becoming more accustomed to the new supply of Chinese instruments on our wholesale list. Normally when the common man thinks of a product labeled “Chinese”, the first thought that comes to mind is “cheap”. However, this is not the case for the line of Chinese instruments we have in our inventory. They are well made and easy on your wallet, a wonderful instrument for an intermediate string player.

     The wholesale path of Musaica Imports is proving to be an adventure, not only for myself, but for Dr. Ross and my fellow employees.  After this last business trip, it is safe to say that Musaica Imports is off to a good start.


-Daniel Jacobsen,

 Marketing Intern


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