Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fodor Visits A. Cavallo Violins, LLC

On Thursday, September 25 two renowned visitors came through our shop door. Eugene Fodor, 1974 Tchaikovsky International Competition winner, stopped in while in town for a concert. Accompanying Mr. Fodor was Richard Molzer President of Cannone Enterprises, Inc who is a prestigious violin maker, dealer, and restorer.

Throughout the visit there was never a dull moment. Mr. Molzer looked at our wholesale instruments and
briefly discussed Denver dealers with Alex. After discussion of our 'picture wall', Mr. Fodor allowed Alex a gander at his personal violin and bows. The interest then moved to Mr. Fodor's fabulous new interpretation of Pagannini's Caprice No. 1 in E Major. This movement is typically performed to a very strict, straight tempo; however Mr. Fodor is testing a 'push-and-pull' phrasing effect to add a more musical line to the piece and plays it at a much slower tempo than normal. Before leaving, our array of mutes did not go unnoticed or untouched! Mr. Fodor chose an Artino Practice Mute and our ebony 4 prong mute, which is in further development.

The next evening, Matt, Maddy, and Cassandra attended The Omaha Conservatory of Music's 2008 Benefit. Mr. Fodor was the focus of the evening, performing Vivaldi's Four Seasons along with numerous solo selections which included his interpretation of Pagannini's Caprice No. 1. Might we add, that this event was performed on 4 different violins (2 Guarneri and 2 Stradivari)!

In the course of the year, we have several interesting visits by major artists like this. Each visit is always interesting and educational for us.

Sometime you should just stop in our shop and see the 'picture wall' of signed photos by contemporary and older artists! This history makes our business fun, interesting, and educational.


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