Thursday, June 21, 2007

Violin Fitting Organization Extravaganza

Our next big project at the shop is to organize all these new fine fittings were getting from India. By "fittings" we mean the various set-up parts of the string instrument like the chinrest, tailpiece, pegs, etc. For the laymen, this term is interchangeably understood as "parts" or "accessories".

Most people think it's a done deal when shopping for parts. Anything in an ebony color that tunes or adjusts seems to satisfy these stingy shoppers. Little do they know how important these fitting are to the overall maintenance & performance of the instrument.

If I were to organize the list shopping priorities for the string instrument musician, they would list it at the following:
3.setup outfit.

The quality of the fittings can make a huge difference in the instrument's maintenance. Many of these fittings in the industry are made to look like "real" ebony when in fact, they are often cheap pieces of wood with a black dye. Fittings like pegs need good solid materials that can make simple routines of tuning before practice an easier routine. A good fingerboard that is planed correctly with a swoop will avoid any buzzing of the strings.

Not only does the material play a role, but also the proper setup of these fittings matter as well. Small millimeter adjustments of the bridge feet & height into its correct placement & proportion can leave a violin muffled or amplified like none other.

Anyway, how all this talk of fittings and setups relate back to what we're doing at the shop. We've been selling these fine fittings on Amazon & other shops around the country for some time now. Cash flow assured and traction picking up, it was time for us to physically create a space for a massive inventory system. It's our "Massive Fitting Box Extravaganza!

We're too small to have any bar code system but something needs to be inplace to sync with the inventory of QuickBooks. This is where I come in to create all these wonderful SKU's "Stock Keeping Units" that are transparent and consistent from Amazon to our in-store inventory system. Planning for this has been tedious, to say the least.

A rough estimate on my spreadsheet said 114 bins but we ordered 140 to be safe. Just when we thought we cleared the packing room of boxes.

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