Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sales Rep Visits

During the summer, the foot traffic in the shop tends to die down a bit. However, this period also brings traffic from afar such as the traveling sales reps. These guys have got some guts to haul all their instruments in their vans.

Today, we met up with some California reps. We were primarily bow shopping for brazilwood, carbon fiber, and fiberglass but we decided to dip into our pockets a bit. After a fortunate turn of sales this week, we were able to buy a pair of excellent basses at some very good prices. The sale had to have been good on the rep's end as well. Carrying around a double bass can be a burden for them, which is very hard to sell, and takes up space for other more salable instruments like violins or cellos that could have filled up the van.

Who would have thought that we would have more than one bass in the shop at one time. Les, our double bassist, was all excited that he's getting to work right away on the instrument's setup.
More on our double bass setup project in the coming posts!

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