Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the "Tanning Booth" for Violins or Space-age Outhouse

In the old days of varnishing violins & bows, the makers would hang their craft in the gaze of natural light from their windows. Since A. Cavallo is literally located on a corner, the only source of light we get is a few hours during the morning. It's a nasty glare to stare at whenever I fulfill customer invoices at that awful computer screen. That's the perfect environment for Lester's work to be finalized. Just like in the old days, he takes some fishing wire, string it from two screws in the ceiling near the pane glass windows, and hangs his bow out to dry.

Well now, we no long have to wait for a sunny day. Just last weekend, we finished our light box project for our workshop.

New but still rather crude. In one day, we were able to scrap up $100 worth of materials from Lowes: plywood board, 4x4, nails, screws, UV flourescent lighting panes, heavy aluminum foil.

Les wanted to spray paint the side; christening his new project name as the "Tanning Booth". I think it looks more like a space age outhouse.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting to know that even a violin can get tanned! Very nice. =P

~Violin Master


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