Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cello Repair

A rental instrument came in the other day, and the mom wasn't worried sick about its condition. The player it in a soft padded case, but manged to drop the cello bridge impacting the ground first. The top of the cello now has a significant crack.

Thank goodness for the insurance and maintenance policy, as the two of them drove back home with a different cello.

Meanwhile, we're trying to fix this guy up!

A little instruction by the boss on clamping process. Some hot hide glue used to fill the cracks and specially designed clamps to hold it in place without getting clamp marks all over the surface.

The dove tailed corner blocks need to be scrapped off of excess glue.

Now, despite the back and cello all in tact, it needs to be stabilized while the top is off being glued. Otherwise, the potential for its sides and back to warp. Two pieces of wood are held parallel to another while another set of clamps are used to hold the body in place.

A view from inside from the endpin.


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