Thursday, December 3, 2009

A wonderful letter from a customer!

"Recently, I went on a quest for a professional level cello. As a member of the Bountiful String Quartet, I was in need of a cello that would blend with my colleagues’ fine instruments. There was also a need for me to find a cello that ran slightly smaller than normal due to my hand size. I came across the A. Cavallo Violins Shop web site and saw several promising cellos being offered. Because I live in the KC area, I called first. Alex answered the phone and I asked him about his professional cellos. I was delighted to hear him describe a cello that fit my needs in an affordable price range. I am so glad I made the drive to Omaha to investigate the Szlachtowski Cello.

Jan Szlachtowski was a new name to me, but the sound produced by his cello was the preference of every musician that I recruited for opinions when I was comparing cellos. I knew the cello was my match when I played it in a large performance room for the first time. The other members of the Bountiful String Quartet agreed: it filled the room with a sweet rich sound. Our rehearsals are even more satisfying and I look forward to our next concert (and many more!) with great pleasure.

From the first phone conversation to the final purchase, the A. Cavallo Violins Shop has been helpful, friendly, and a delight to work with. I am so very happy with my new cello! Thanks So Much!"

~Elizabeth Pearson, cellist of the Bountiful String Quartet

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