Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Falling Leaves and Openings!

We are now steadily moving into the beautiful- but dry season, Autumn!

Fresh breeze, golden trees with their falling leaves and trips to the pumpkin patch are not taken for granted here in the mid-west. However, although this time of year is gorgeous and visually stunning, for stringed instruments it can also be stunning- and not in a good way!

As the weather becomes colder and the air grows less humid, instruments- whether sitting on a stand, or stored in their cases become more susceptible to cracks and openings! (NOT GOOD!)

Chances of cracks and openings can be dramatically reduced by taking a few very simple steps to keep your instrument hydrated and happy. In order for a person to stay healthy they need to drink plenty of water. Stringed instruments are very similar! In the dry seasons of autumn and winter it is crucial to supply your instrument with enough moisture. This can be done very easily by using a humidifier in your home and a case humidifier for your violin or viola, or a "dampit" for your cello or bass.

Don't have a case humidifier? You're in luck!

Here at A. Cavallo Violins, LLC we carry the most convenient case humidifier as well as genuine, top-of-the-line German hygrometers. A hygrometer is a compass-like dial that reads the humidity levels in a room or violin case.

We are proud to offer the Oasis Case Humidifier. This convenient case humidifier comes with a clip to attach firmly inside your case and needs refilling only once a week in the dryest weather. It's also very compact and can be stored many places in the case, making it easier to manage.

Right now we are offering a Special Autumn Savings deal! If you buy an Oasis Case Humidifier in store or by telephone, you can also purchase the Concord German-made Hygrometer at 1/2 PRICE !

Now is a good time to pull out your instrument and take a thorough inspection of it for any cracks or potential cracks and openings. If you would like our professional staff to inspect your instrument, come on in and we would love to provide you that service.

Have a wonderful autumn from all of us here at A. Cavallo Violins, LLC


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