Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our 'Revamped' Shop

Hello all! Even with a questionable economy we have continued to burst our seams, so recently we took on a series of projects.

We began with a discussion period as to where to place and how to rearrange the shop. With a plan of action, Alex ordered 6 additional violin racks to aid in organizing and optimizing the space of our show/trial room. While waiting
for the racks to be completed, yet another organizing topic was brought to the board - the case room was, quite frankly, dis-functional and we were in need of better placement for beginner bows. Just prior to Alex's most recent road trip, the violin racks arrived and the 'revamping' began. To keep a long, agonizing, and frustrating story short it took about double the anticipated time to complete the project. With that, we would like to share photos of our most recent shop project.

We started 'smooth sailing'

We had it all laid out...

Leave it at that this was rack 5 of 6 and closing on hour 4

Finished project

Result of initial project (optimized case room)

With you, the customer, in mind we successfully completed this project to enhance your experience at the shop. Stop in and visit!

Hope to see you soon,
~ Cassandra
General Manager

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