Friday, July 17, 2009

Everyday Instrument Care Tips

Ever wondered what simple things you can do everyday to care for your instrument? Here is a list of friendly tips and reminders for those young or old, beginners or artists.

Everyday Instrument Care Tips

  • Be sure to loosen your bow after each session, whether practicing or performing. A bow left tight will cause a gradual loss in camber of the stick.
  • Consistently wipe-off the rosin residue from the instrument with a 100% cotton cloth. If left on the instrument, this residue will deteriorate the varnish. A microfiber cloth is another idea for cleaning and light polishing.
  • To lengthen the life of your case, be sure to always clasp and zip it shut. If any of these are left undone, the case will eventually loose it's shape and decrease it's protection of the instrument and function of the case.
  • Never leave shoulder rests attached to instruments when putting in the case; even sponges or foams. If left on, once the case is closed extra pressure will be placed on the bridge, which is already carrying the tension weight of the strings.
  • In climates or seasons where the humidity is low (less that 50%), an in-case or in-instrument humidifier should be used. There are many options, from models needing filled daily to just once per week. By using a humidifier, it reduces the stress of swelling and contracting of the instrument wood which causes natural openings and sometimes cracks.
  • If carrying your case backpack style, consider switching to 1 strap that fits diagonally over one shoulder, across the chest, and under the opposite arm. This is known to more evenly distribute the weight of the instrument and case, rather than pulling on the body.
These are just a handful of simple tips that we pass along to our in-store customers and hope brings a longer life to your instrument 'outfit'.

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