Friday, May 15, 2009

Youngest Customer Yet!

The other day, Alex received a phone call from a mother checking out our shop. As new arrivals to Nebraska, she was looking for someone to aid her in repairing her son's 1/32 size violin. This family came to visit us recently, and we must tell of their visit!

Upon their arrival, we realized that this young boy is our youngest customer at 21 months. Soon after arriving, he looked around the shop pointing and informing us: "bass", "violin", "violin bow"; he was obviously overwhelmed by the shop.

When Alex opened the case, there was a not only a broken bridge, but a hair-less bow! Immediately, we all jumped into action - a 'new' bridge from our 'Bridge Graveyard' and then a new bow and rosin. As all of this was all being pieced together, the young boy was as patient as possible while growing more and more excited.

The boy looked on in awe as Alex tuned the violin and rosined the bow. Then, it was his turn! Come to find out, he had never been able to actually make a sound with the violin due to the bow's condition; so... all he could do was play a little then giggle!

We finished up business for the day with this family, watching as the young boy marched out the door, violin and bow in hand!

- Cassandra
General Manager at A. Cavallo Violins, LLC

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