Friday, May 15, 2009

Spotlight on Specials

Dear Friends:
I just thought you would like to hear about some of our specials that are a part of our SPRING CLEARANCE EVENT for the next 2 weeks. Here we go:

Violin By Gunther Lobe

This violin by the German master Gunther Lobe has extraordinarily transparent oil varnish laid over dramatically flamed maple and Alpine spruce. Lobe's workmanship is extraordinary in originality and faithfulness to classic ideals, and the silvery rich sound is reminiscent of the
Stradivarian aesthetic. It is easy to play, responsive and amazingly focused in its projection.

Original Price: $ 13,500 Sale Price $9,750

Violin Outfit with Violin by Wenzl Fuchs and bow by FC Pfretzschner
We have a friend needing to sell this marvelous German shop outfit she purchased as a girl in the 1960's. Everything is in great shape, and this is a wonderful bargain! The violin normally sells retail at $2500, and the bow can often command $1,000. The violin has a dark and beautiful sound without sacrificing clarity. This is a great buy!

Original price $3,500 Sale Price $1,800

Violin by Heinrich Th. Heberlein, Jr., Marneukirchen, 1926
This fine example of the best workshop in Germany at this time has a lovely red-brown oil varnish and great clear projecting sound. it will be a catch for the advancing student!

Original Price $3,900 Sale price $2,500

Guarneri Model Violin by Wojciech Topa

Wojciech Topa is considered to be the most outstanding practitioner of violin making in Poland today. Many of his instruments are played in major orchestras, including the Cleveland Orchestra and the Atlanta Symphony. His shop is in Zakopane, Poland. He sets the highest standards for wood choice and workmanship, and his instruments always are dramatic in sound. His work has the exacting character of the German school, but has the lyric human quality of the Italians. These violins are among the finest instruments being made in the world today!

Original Price: $ 12,000 Sale Price $10,000

Brescian Model 16 5/8 inches Viola By Peter Yang
Peter Yang is a finely trained maker from Chicago who produces instruments with beautiful qualities and fine workmanship. The varnish is typically antiqued and the wood quality is superb. These instrument produce a rich and colorful sound that is unique. My favorite metaphor for the sound of this viola is "chocolate."

Original Price: $ 9,000 Sale Price $6,000

Cello By Frank Lee
Frank Lee is one of the most acoustically successful makers of cellos today. This cello has carefully
selected and aged tonewoods; Maple from Vermont and Alpine Spruce top; and a fine golden brown oil resin varnish that is sensitively antiqued. Mr. Lee's modeling is based on Stradivarius, and the result is a clear projecting sound that does not lack power or resonance. This is truly a professional instrument!

Original price $15,000 Sale Price $11,000

If you wish to purchase or try out these
instruments, please call me (Alex) toll free at 877.838.6222.

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