Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Strings Magazine 2008 Buyer's Guide is a Good Read

With how busy the shop has been operating, I haven't had a whole lot of time to read up on industry trends. If you're an avid follower of all string things or a newbie that's interested in getting into playing string, do check out the latest issue of the Strings Magazine. Nope, we're not being paid to promote them, but we do love it when they publish some good articles about the business and the technical side of string instruments.

The June/July issue features a special section dubbed the 2008 Buyer's Guide. Erin Shrader summarizes the various trappings and advantages that the online shopper has. The choices run from loosely structured or regulated sites such as Craig' s List or eBay to web based retailers and online auction house Tarisio. A trial period, money-back guarantee, and return policy are all things that are advised to shoppers before they contact the buyer.

Heather Scott also writes about her adventure in obtaining a fiddle online for $100.00. Armed with the company credit card, her decision making process and reality check of the instrument by a local dealer remind me so many stories I encounter here at the shop.

Finally, Richard Ward writes about how the consignment process works from the dealer's perspective and the consignor's as well. In many ways, you could compare it to how real estate sales work but there are a lot more details and gray areas that this articles tries to illuminate upon.

Unfortunately, Strings Magazine hasn't made this these articles available online. However, I do suggest any of you readers to go buy this particular issue even if you don't have any plans to subscribe.

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