Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shot of the Day: Hanging Despiau Tree Bridges

My NikonD70 camera finally came back from the shop. The camera had this problem of interlacing the previous images that were taken and as a result the files were either unreadable or corrupt. The repairman had to replace this small little electronic component inside which did some damage to my bank account but I can swallow it with a dose of reality. Afterall, it's a highly specialized form of skilled labor, something which I clearly started to understand after seeing our guys at A. Cavallo do work on the benches. It just like any old rehair or new bridge that needs to be carved. The real cost isn't the material, it's the labor.

So what I've been doing for the past few days is trying to wrap up my last week here with my newly repaired camera. You know, some memorable photos along the way. I took some shots of Matt working at the bench. Then some other featured objects in the shop that customers might spot or find interesting. A good one I took has been the string of hanging bridges. Alex leaves them out to hand so they'll dry out.

Eventually, I'll do a more formal shoot of our new employees. Maddy is officially working today and so is Cassie. Look forward for to a future posting about them with full introductions.

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