Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One hectic day at the shop...

Wednesday is supposed to be our slow day but as Alex would put it, "We've been cooking with grease!" The last few days have been surprisingly busy as we've seen an uptick in the local foot traffic. I jokingly told Matt that we needed to log in all of his catch phrases he uses around the shop. Just to list a few, Alex often answers the phone with default lines such as, "Oh my gosh, I have been so busy that I haven't had time to come up for air, what's up?." Or another one of my favorite ;) is, "How you doin', we've been goin' like non-stop, a million miles an hour."

The morning shipments arrived with a quite a few packages than the usual load of bow rehairs. Yes, it's here, our shipment of parts from India. I can't imagine that Matt was too excited to see this job again. It was one of the first tasks we had him do when he first started to work here a month or two ago. Luckily, Maddy officially came to work full time today and will definitely help him sort all those parts.

More practice at the computer desk for Cassie. Processing the paperwork of the daily Amazon and website orders were her first task before she moved onto listing eBay descriptions. This is Cassie's official first week but she's adapted to the shop very well. For every little gopher task we've asked her to do, she's completed it quickly and replied with a new catch phrase that's been added to the shop vocabulary, "I win." Every little task was a game so I jokingly said, okay, you'll win a prize next time you've finished this or that. Her first prize was a Nilla Waffer ("borrowed" from Maddy). Her second prize was a can of V8 Splash I found somewhere in the back of the office.

As I was about to guide her with PayPal payments, the door chime rang. For the next few hours, I would her send her out to assist Alex in any sales or visits. Meanwhile, Maddy's mom and grandparents came to visit. I wish I had the card reader for my camera because I have a good shot of Maddy showing off an electric violin to her grandfather.

As for me, I managed to sell a violin! It's can be fun when I get interact with customers first since Alex is usually the go-to-guy. He was a bit tied up today, trying to take care of two cello customers. Cassie was still in training so there wasn't a whole lot she could to help but to assist in the sale.

Last week for Chris Gerdes. A. Cavallo down a man. Substitution summer intern Daniel Jacobson, next week. A. Cavallo back soon to be back at full strength.

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