Saturday, February 2, 2008

Maker's Spotlight: English Bow Maker Arthur Bultitude

This month, on our online auction, we are privileged to offer this very fine bow probably made by one of the finest English makers of 20th Century. Arthur Bultitude (1908-1990) was an English musical instrument bow-maker, who was one of the best known makes that worked for W.E. Hill & Sons.His bows were known to be marked with a number 6 on the tip under the bow hair and the frog decorated with a silver Tudor Rose.

[Tudor Rose]

Gold Mounted master made violin bows of this quality are seldom seen. A fine professional violinist brought us this bow for consignment. You can always help out a starving musician by bidding on this bow for him:)

The workmanship of this bow is top caliber, with lovely graduation and a elegant head. We estimate this bow to be made around 1950 and has all of the original parts.

This bow has a solid feel in the hand, producing a rich colorful tone, and is warm and resonant in sound quality. Sautille and Spiccato a breeze with this beautiful stick. It would make a great all around bow for the artist.

This bow has a beautiful octagonal pernambuco stick that has perfect camber. It is set in gold and shell, with a French eye and divided button. It has a unique faux whalebone winding. It weighs 61 grams when haired. This bow is in excellent condition, with no issues to be concerned about!

Bows like this are often offered at $5,000.00 and above routinely.

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