Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fresh Hank of Horse Hair for All the Rehairs We Need

hank [hangk]:

In the textile industry, a hank refers to a unit of yarn or twine that is in a coiled form. This is often the best form for use with hand looms, compared to the cone form needed for power looms. Hanks come in a fixed length depending on the type of material, so the term hank is sometimes used as a unit of measure. For instance, a hank of linen is 270 meters, and a hank of cotton or silk is 770 meters. In beads, 1 hank = 3.333 fathoms = 6.667 yards = 20 feet = 6096mm = 609.6cm = 6.096 meters.
Wikipedia.org (hank)
Fresh out of our usual stock of hair, Lester slashes open a new "hank" of horse hair for all our bow rehairing needs. Finding good horse hair for string instrument rehairs are hard to come by.
We use Mongolian Stalien Horse hair.

The hank of hair arrived in the mail. Boxed up in a long rectangular box, the hair was tightly bound with lashings of rope and a metal clip fastened the head of the hank. I couldn't help but think of images of Cousin Itt from the Adams Family.

Les has to be real careful about handling the hair, since he doesn't want any of his oils from his fingers to spread on the hair.
Ready for rehair, hung and stored in one of Les' bags behind his bench.

Random trivia that I learned from my time working here: apparently, hair is taken from male horses instead of female horses. Why? Females tend to ruin theirs overtime whenever they go to the bathroom. I have no idea if this is true or not, but it sounds hilarious. Fact check please.

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