Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Frog Blanks, Chinrests, Pegs: The Endless Organization of Parts

We're still recovering from unpacking all the little mini-boxes of parts from India. They're all out and accounted for but where to put them?

First up was the box full of ebony materials. The big chunk of ebony block I'm holding is used to make the frog of a double bass bow. With this much wood, you could probably divide it up and make two to four good violin bow frog blanks.

The blocks of ebony are hanging out on racks with the saddle and nuts for the various other instruments.
Our wall board of chinrests that we used to hang has now moved over to another shelf. We took some more white fold up cardboard bins and stuffed them full. The bins are now stacked upon another in one of Alex's old towering storage shelf.
As for the pegs, we had to buy some drawers for the violin and viola pegs.
Back to relabeling again.
Mad props of course to Matt Nicholson, our new official part timer, for helping us get this grunt work done. I'll have to do a profile on him for the blog.

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