Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An Arcos Visit and Nitrating Violin Bows

The other day we had Brian, the sales rep from Arcos Brasil come by. Good timing since we needed a few extra cakes of those carved rosin boxes with refills and some good solid bows. These bows are solid commercial bows being from Brazil. It's tough being a bow maker when Les has to compete against top notch guys down South.
Les got a chance to show some of his bows and Brian them. He said he'll put in a good word for him. Afterwards, he got to work on his latest violin bow outside with his bottle of Nitric Acid.
Colorless when pure, older samples of Nitric Acid tend to acquire a yellow cast due to the accumulation of oxides of nitrogen.
The solution that Les has is 70% which isn't considered fuming but toxic enough to sting your skin and burn your eyes. Hence the need for air to disperse outside and work done with goggles and gloves.
A swab of the Nitric Acid is dipped in and rubbed up and down, all along the stick. the Acid helps bring out the dark red pernambucco color.

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