Wednesday, January 16, 2008

PVC Electric Pipe Cello

I've decided to start up another category for future blog entries. It will be simply be titled "weird instruments". Any string instruments that defy the classical patterns and construction will be included. Take for example this entry title "PVC Pipe Cello". A while back, there was YouTube video challenge asking users to create a unique home made instrument and post videos of their creation online. I was hesitant at first to give the challenge some coverage on the blog since this is supposed to be documenting our daily life in the shop, but I thought it couldn't hurt to shed light on some amateur makers.

The maker of this electric cello spent under $100 and about 40 hours to make this instrument for a class project. Materials: PVC pipes, tuning knobs from a guitar, a bike pedal, and used cello strings. With no musical background at all, demonstrates how to play: bow across the strings in an upright position, pluck the upright like a guitar, or you can wrap the instrument around one arm and play it like a violin. Well, he's managed a traditional "upright" cello into a waist wrapping instrument.

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