Thursday, January 17, 2008

German Violin Bow Stamped "Marie"

We are privileged to offer this very fine bow probably made by one of the finest German makers of 20th Century. This bow was a custom made bow for a mysterious "Marie." The reason we know that is that the ferrule was beautifully engraved with her name to commemorate this probably lovely and dynamic violinist!

This work of art was brought to us by a professional violinist who has many bows. It was played in several professional orchestras, and has been professionally restored to excellent condition by a fine professional restorer.

In our opinion this bow is possibly from the shop of Nuremburger. it is stamped "Alex Hermann" on one side and "Germany" on the other. Nuremburger's shop produced many bows for different commercial establishments. The workmanship of this bow is top caliber, with lovely graduation and a elegantly turned up nose to the head. We estimate this bow to be made around 1910 and has all of the original parts except probably the button. Pre-World War One bows like this in this condition are a rarity.

This bow has a solid feel in the hand, producing a rich colorful tone, and is lively and responsive for all strokes. Sautille and Spiccato a breeze with this beautiful stick. It would make a great all around bow for the artist.

This bow has a beautiful round pernambuco stick that has perfect camber. It is set in silver and ebony, with a plain eye and solid silver button. It has a unique rounded front ferrule and stunning three color silk winding with and ostrich skin thumb leather. It weighs 61 grams when haired. This bow is in excellent condition, with no issues to be concerned about!

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