Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Violinist Paganini Comes Back to Life on Halloween via CyberSpace?

[Taken from GoogleVideo, Niccolo Paganini]

Hope all you readers had a great Halloween. I was meaning to get this post up in time but one day late. After searching on the Internet for more Halloween related concerts and events, I came across this video. Niccolo Paganini comes to life on all Hallow's Eve via the Internet. A video posted over on GoogleVideo shows the virtuoso impersonator on stage with an orchestra and conductor that looks more like Grandpa Munster than the famous count.

[Image & Source, taken from Wikipedia]

For any of you newbies, a little bit of history. Niccolo Paganini lived from 1782 until his death in 1840. In Europe, he was widely considered the greatest violinist of the century at the time-some say the best ever. His great technical and artistic abilities lead many of his contemporaries to spark rumors that he had "sold his soul to the devil."

Some more videos on the net for interesting classical related pictures or events: Clark Kent stopped by the UL-Lafayette Symphony Orchestra for a quick change in the phone booth.
Ooompa Loompas played in the Chicago Civic Orchestra.

The Internet has plenty of parents recording their precious kids' in concert. On the typical playing list are Symphony Fantastique, Night on Bald Mountain, and Pirates of the Carribean.

Speaking of kids in concert, don't miss out on this weekend's OAYO concert. They may have a belated Halloween theme to play. Be sure to check them out.

Video List:
Niccolo Paganini Back from the Dead
Superman to the Symphony
The Ooompa Loompa Section

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