Thursday, September 20, 2007

Violin labeled Eduardo Pietro Grulli: the latest eBay item

Amazon has taken over the majority of the day in terms of the volume of e-commerce traffic we do here. Over on eBay, the typical things we auction off are used parts such as pegs, chinrests, tailpieces, endbuttons, bridges, tuners, and even endpins. However, eBay still manages to surprise as we auction off instruments that have been cosigned to us.

This time though, we think we've got a good consigned violin to offer those collectors, restorers, or speculators. It's an Italian violin that was brought to us by another one of our elderly visitors who inherited it from his grandfather who brought it over from his motherland about 90 years ago. (I really should keep record of all the heirloom stories we hear from these people).

A solid beautiful example of late 19th century violin making. It has the correct proportions, a beautiful arching, and the varnish is golden brown oil layered.

The widget I've embedded on the blog is one of the things that might slow you down for you readers with dial up connection. I suppose I could just have a url link here to the online auction if you're browser turns off these widgets.

Speaking of widgets, I've also added another on the side column for BlogRush. It's a nice widget that shows the latest blog posting headlines 24/7 from a vast network of blogs. You can specify which category your blog might fit in (this one is music). I've also found it to be a good way to generate traffic. It's still a beta product but I think it's catching on as I saw some major bloggers started utilizing it like Double Bass Blog. If any one wants an invite, let me know. I can send an invite your way.

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