Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Horn Violin Frog: Almost Done...

The finishing touches and polishes to the horn frog are almost done. I plopped myself down on a chair, hit the studio lights, and took some better photos of his work.
Wait a minute...Lester just came in as I was blogging. He tells me that the frog I photographed has the wrong button and screw- he'd like to also note that it's too big and he wouldn't make something like that from scratch.
The coolest thing with this frog is that you can actually see the inner mechanical workings. It's a bit opaque but you can make out where the screw, mortise, and plug is.
I know that him Les and other bow makers would object to this, but wouldn't be cool to try out some other materials for the frog? I always wanted to see a clear see through frog attached to bow. Quartz, silicon, maybe even diamonds? Unpractical since these materials would throw off the balance of the stick:)

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