Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Organizing Project: Hanging Cello Bags

Keeping things organized in the shop is a never ending task. I mentioned in an earlier post about our task to organize the storage bins for our new line of string instrument parts called "Alessandro Fine Fittings". It was a good excuse as well to clean the upstairs floor space, make the back office more efficient, and rearrange the traffic pattern between the workbenches.

August was the month that kept us from maintaining the place. The flurry of receiving and meeting the shipment deadlines, packing materials went astray from the designated boxes. Rental returns or traded instruments with cases and instruments were all on standby to be cleaned and restored at one bench.

Despite all this piling up of things to do, we managed to survive the back-to-school rush. The reorganization during the dead summer months payed off with a system intact. Otherwise we never would have been able to start thinking about how to organize those darn cello cases.

[cello racks, any one?]

Storing violin and viola cases isn't a big a problem. Just stack them together and stick them on the adjustable racks. The cello case though takes up more room and the majority of the ones, the soft bags, we carry have to be hung. We only have room to display the solid ones upstairs Hanging them on garment racks is the current solution for downstairs workshop that is always changing. At the same time, it's dusty so the next step in this latest organization project is to find some plastic covers. Don't even get me started on those double basses. If anyone can come up with better ideas would be great.

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