Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wow, that violin really knocked me away!

Some of the latest viral videos in the stringed instrument world have been hip hop renditions. The emphasis seems more on showmanship over skill. Some are more fun pop culture interpretations such as the Legend of Zelda, Led Zeppelin, or Barbie Girl.

Others are meant to be a cheap form of entertainment to get people's quick fix of laughter. I have a commentary about these various Internet vids lacking content but you can read up on my rant from an earlier post.

The latest video I've managed to find lying somewhere on the web is simply entitled, "Solider knocked out by Violin." No it's not a glorious accompaniment by a violinist as a soldier falls gloriously in the midst of battle. The title says it all.

I'm not too sure who I should pity in this vid: the oblivious victim in the corner or the soon to be smashed violin. Sigh. I suppose you could some how reminisce that it's the same funny scene in Animal House where John Belushi smashes up the guitar. If that sort of creative destruction gets your kicks, be sure to check out the video from a previous post entitled "Death of a Cello". It obviously got some rave reviews with a 92% rating over on MySpace. On the same note of violence, maybe that poor solider should get one of these for Christmas.

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