Monday, August 27, 2007

Fiddler Darth Vader Plays Violin

I couldn't resist in pointing out some more pointless pop culture moments relating to all things stringed instruments. My peruse through the Internet brought me this, the shot of the day. Good ole Darth fiddles away on the Dark Side.

No, unfortunately it doesn't come from the shop as we've been very busy. When the walk in traffic dies down, I'll post an entry of what "busy" really means here around the shop. It'll have an hour by hour breakdown and photos to accompany. It would be cool if I could photographically capture the traffic pattern of our shop on a slow shutter speed with tripod. But, I'm still not that far advanced yet.

1 comment:

CelloGirl said...

I wonder what kind of chin rest you need to fit that mask?? ;)


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