Friday, August 17, 2007

Self Congratulatory Post and Blogging Goals

As if blogging about this old shop's daily life wasn't any more self promotional, I had to mention the nice review we got on Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog.

"Even though I've never met these folks personally or had any work done by them, I would feel comfortable recommending them to people for string repairs and purchases. This is solely due to having "met" them and learned about their projects through their blog. Blogging with honesty about even straightforward events."
You can read up on more of the lauding we receive but I'm glad Jason's pointed out one of the things we're trying accomplish with this blog. Jason describes it as adding an honest "transparency" to the way the violin shop is run to establish customer relationships.

Well that's certainly true, we'd like to take it a step further. We hope that Corner Violin Shop can be a tool to educate community and customers of the practices in this industry. While we do not profess to hold the absolute "truth" on the proper and ethical practices, we want to be one of the many contributing voices in this quest for what is "right" in this business.

Not to sound too elitist though, we also want you bloggers to be a part of this mission to create debate for the best practices. We encourage you all to respond to our posts with comments, shoot us an email with questions, or tell us your opinion on some of our commentary we post.

If we're able to get a real live debate going on this blog, wouldn't it be wonderful if other violins shops started blogging as well? Then I could really act on my fantasy projects like starting up a blog community of string instrument shops. What the net currently offers are more scattered directories on various social networking sites and others are not consumer friendly. For example, Maestronet is a wonderful place for makers and shops to correspond and research instruments in the archive. However, this site would have trouble answering the very basic technical questions that a beginning player asks, "And how do I know your repair method isn't going screw up my instrument?"

Well that's enough of my rant on. I have the weekend off and I'm posting on a Friday night!
Hope Alex can survive the school rush that's about to hit the shop.

In closing, I'd like to thanks Jason for that nice blog post he wrote up. If you haven't already done so, please do check out his blog at: Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog

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