Thursday, May 24, 2007

Two legs running the show this week...

Any stool requires at least three legs to stand on and so does any business. Les makes and repairs bow, puts on his show as a shop foreman. Alex is the jack of all trades as founder, businessman, restorationer, and salesman- his favorite role. My leg of the work is the grundge & routine of maintaining office work in order, databasing, emailing, keeping tabs on daily online sales. Of course, there's always the fun stuff like photographing instruments and listing eBay & Amazon items as well.

Unfortunately, I had to take a leave of absence this week to recover from an operation. Just when I thought I had filled out all the Amazon orders, I noticed another batch waiting to be fulfilled the day after I was in recovery. The boys made a big deal since they haven't had much practice but they'll be thankful of the processing system that I've kept up.

The shop may be missing a leg for this week, but they'll survive. We're not all pigeon-holed to do specific jobs but our musical background can us afloat and supported.


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