Friday, March 4, 2016

What's Goin on?
Violoncello da Spalla 

Zachary Carrettin, the director of the Boulder Bach Festival, contacted us about a month and a half ago and suggested that we embark on a special project with him. He wanted us to customize a small cello to be played as a "Violoncello da Spalla." Of course we love a challenge, and Jesse and Alex had a great time meeting the challenge.
        (Clark Playing Our New Baby)
The Violoncello da Spalla is a small cello played braced against the shoulder. Many Baroque composers, includingJ. S. Bach, wrote for the instrument. The instrument is available between 3 and 6 strings. The five-string version may have been what Bach had in mind for performing his Cello Suite No. 6. The violoncello da spalla is a very fun challenge when played by violinists, giving a whole new depth of the low register of the cello, but keeping with the hand frame and posture of the violin.
If you wish to have an instrument like this, contact us and we can get the wheels in motion!
Introducing Jesse

Jesse Pherson is our new workshop manager.  Jess has over 15 years experience in restoration and making, having studied at Oberlin and with the Violin Guild of America.
Previously he worked over 7 years for Saint Louis Strings and owned his own shop in Illinois.
Jess loves his Airdale Terriers and buying the finest tools available.
Call us for an appointment at 402.827.9270.  You will be impressed with his skills, from bow rehairs, tonal adjustments and structural restoration!
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