Saturday, October 4, 2014

Our Treasure Chest

Dear Players, Makers, and Dealers:
We had a great VSA and Fall retail kickoff.  Now we have some choice traded instruments, fittings and tonewood available that will knock your socks off in price!
Look below as this inventory reduction sale will only last until October 20th, 2014!

We Look forward to seeing you!
Alex, Laura, Rachel, Michele, Dirk, Chris and Xander
Cello, Cellos, Cellos
We have over 75 Cellos to offer you.  In the fractionals, we offer 10% per year discount up to 50% on all Academia and Conservatory Models.
In fine makers' instruments we feature  Melanson, Dimitrov, Sumners, Hornsteiner, Kreutzinger, Wultur, Loveri and other older French and German cellos.
In Concert and Master Art cellos we have a vast overstock and will
Master Art Cello
entertain offers!
A Satisfied Customer
Bosnian Maple
Wood You Need Anything?

We beefed up our inventory for the VSA and still have a few really choice pieces available including 1-piece backs for violins and violas, a few heirloom quality cello backs, and hundreds of spruce tops as well as fingerboards and Nebraska Willow blocks and linings.
If you buy a whole set all fittings are 50% off for the first 5 sets.

Some of the wood is old enough and ready to go!
Fiddlers Delight
Or Help us keep violins off the streets!
Now you're askin!  We have over 250 Violins to choose from!  All fractional trade ins are significantly reduced till October 15.
All Purchasers of Master art violins will get a FREE Elite violin case or a $200 discount on the instrument! (By October 15)
We have new arrivals from Peter Bingen, Raymond Melanson, Dirk Henry, Denis Cormier, Arie Werbrouck, Ming-Jiang Zhu, and Douglas Cox.  Come see them!
We also have a few "A. Fischof, Wien" and Mark Henry violins....Make us an offer!

Do We Fit?

All fittings are reduced for quantity orders.  If you order 5 of the same items you will receive a 10% discount.  For every five thereafter, we will increase it by 10% up to 40% off!
Viola by Martin Olteanu
Violas Viola!

All student violas are 10% per year up to 50% off!
We have new violas by Ming-Jiang Zhu, Christopher Jacoby, Dirk Henry, Mark Moreland, Otto Erdesz, Doug Cox, Martin Olteanu, and Samuel Payton.
All new Master Art, Concert and Conservatory violas at the regular price receive a FREE Elite viola case or a $250 discount!

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