Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear Friends:
Winter is coming!

One of the standard questions we are asked at this time of year is "what are the preparations we should make to protect our instrument for the winter season?"  These are a few basic answers that will help:
1. Humidify, humidify, humidify.  Even stable instruments suffer in the winter.  Stringed instruments are living beings just like us.  They are especially sensitive to lowered humidity, and in Omaha our humidity can go down as low as 5%
2.  Protect you instrument with a checkup.  Get your instrument in for a check up with your trusted luthier.  Often minor problems that have developed over time are not noticeable to you, but will be identified by your violin maker and fixed before they are a big problem.

3.  Make sure your case, your car, and your house are ready to protect your violin.  Bad ventilation in the house, a secure place in the car, and a case that has no mechanical or protection issues can affect the safety of your instrument.

Please come see us if you have any questions; you can call Omaha at 877.838.6222 and ask for Alex, or call 610.646.7400 in Bryn Mawr and ask for Alan.

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