Friday, December 2, 2011

A Testimonial from one of our Philadelphia Customers

Dear Alex:

I had my first lesson last night....He's pretty good as a bluegrass teacher, and after one hour I had lots of confidence in myself.

Most importantly, when he saw my Stopka, he was quite impressed. He had never heard of Stopka before so it was new to him. He played it a little and said "this is a very expensive violin." I said, yeah, it's an investment. Then he played it again, made more remarks about how nice it sounded. At the end of the hour... well, you know that look that Roy Scheider had on his face when he saw Jaws for the first time, and looked at the Captain of the boat, and said "We're gonna need a bigger boat!"V Stopka Scroll

He then took his 1873 well-played violin and played Ashokan Farewell for me, told me to listen to the difference. It was warm and sweet. He played the tune again on the Stopka, and asked me if I heard the difference. It had depth, soul. He put the violin back in it's case and said
"you're gonna need a better case."

Then I wiped the drool off.

I'm happy, it's an investment I will enjoy many years.


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