Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thank you A. Cavallo

Hi Alex,

Thank you so much for hosting us yesterday at the Art of Sound Exhibition. I had a great time and enjoyed meeting the maker of my violin, David Thomas Meyer. I feel privileged to have such intimate access to the origins of my instrument and to have it explained to me in such exquisite detail. I think every string player should have a chance to hear Meyer's presentation about violin making as his research is pertinent to all instruments. Mr. Meyer gave me a true appreciation for how a violin works from a physics perspective, down to the most minute vibrations of wood. He showed, via computer imaging techniques, which parts of the violin are the most resonant and allowed us to experience a hands-on experiment with producing tones on an actual sample of wood. The amount of meticulous scientific detail that Mr. Meyer puts into his craft results in instruments that sound fantastic. Many thanks to A. Cavallo Violins for making this all happen!


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