Friday, May 1, 2009

Clocks and Squirrels!

This week has been quite exciting here at the shop! A while ago a gentleman brought in a cello he had handcrafted for his daughter with a koala bear carved on the scroll. Today he stopped in again, but to purchase a violin case for a violin he had just completed for another daughter.

Upon the unveiling of his new creation, we were all very impressed to see an adorable squirrel and his big tail carved onto the scroll! He had also done some impressive and unique purfle on the back including the letter "A" for the first letter in his daughters name. It is always nice to see modern creations, especially with such the fun carvings!

Aside from this violin and the previously mentioned cello, he has also made two violas and a violin; all of which have uniquely carved scrolls. I think it's safe to say the squirrel violin made everyone's day a little brighter.


Earlier this week, the clock on our main floor broke down. We decided it wasn't much fun to look up expecting the time, and seeing something way off. This called for a little bit of creativity. Cassy wasted no time on this one! The following day I came in to grab something from the shop and Cassy had all of the makings of a clock on my desk. A little bit of deliberating about how our new clock should look, and I was out the door! After creating a clock out of an old broken violin, a local calligrapher, Penni Burkum, made the finishing touches with traditional pen and ink. We hung it up the following day and sure enough, not only does it look great, it's keeping time! Everyone here at A. Cavallo Violins, LLC has never been happier to be on schedule!


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