Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Show Opening

Hello friends! It has been some time since our last post due to preparations for the opening of The Art of Sound: An Exhibition of Today's Master Violin and Viola Makers. Good news is that everything went off without a glitch on Saturday for our opening event. With the show room revamped, the instruments displayed across the shop, a complete catalog of makers and instruments, a price list finalized, and a deep cleaning of the shop we were finally ready. We filled the shop with friends, food, and good performances, accompanied with a wine tasting.

Earlier in the day on Saturday we sold the first violin from the exhibition. Vladimir Logashov's violin finished in 2008 found a home. Throughout the evening we also spoke with a couple of potential buyers. Our point in telling you this?!?! If you're interested in purchasing you best stop in sooner than later because the interest level is high!

Also, if you would like to join us for our event this weekend there are still some seats left, just contact us directly. "Hear from the Mater" will be hosted by Stephanie Voss who is a Certified German Master Violin Maker and will be speaking about styles and methods of violin making.

On top of all this, we were featured in the Sunday Omaha World Herald. To read the story, follow the link.

If that isn't enough to get a violin/viola lover inspired to join us, then I don't know what would be. This is a rare opportunity to see 102 instruments by living makers in the same shop!

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