Friday, December 19, 2008

The Koala Cello

Occasionally at A. Cavallo Violin Shop we have customers come in who are interested in making/have made their own instruments. Today was one such day. We had a gentleman who came in and wanted to have his daughter's cello appraised. Alex opened up his cello case and was surprised to see a carved koala bear staring out at him.

It turned out that he had hand made this instrument for his daughter who had recently graduated from college. He called this instrument "The Sarah Cello", named for his daughter. This instrument was based upon the 1739 Montagnana cello called "Sleeping Beauty". Along with the uniquely hand-carved koala on the scroll, he had also done some unique detailing with the purfling on the back of the instrument which was in the shape of an "S" for his daughter Sarah.

This instrument is not the first that he has made himself. He has also made two violas and a violin; all of which have uniquely carved scrolls.


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Myraine said...

It looks like your blog has so many things to offer... Interesting and informative! Keep it up! Will be introducing it to my friends.

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