Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Rain Adventure

A while back on Monday, September 29, 2008 Alex, Maddy, Matt, and I each walked into the shop enthusiastic for our day. That was until, as Alex initially discovered, the heavy rains from the prior evening proved too much for a section of our roof!

As Alex made his way across the shop to disarm our security system he had to wade through a puddle of water. Directly above the puddle were 3 water-swollen ceiling tiles, appearing ready to give way at any moment. Just inches away from the puddle and leak were 2 cellos and 2 basses.

Upon further inspection, Alex soon realized that the puddle upstairs had a twin downstairs! This puddle had attacked our collection of boxes used for shipping. So, Matt's victory in cleaning and organizing the basement quickly became a frustrating disaster again.

As water continually dripped from the swollen ceiling tiles, our concern grew. With the roof leak fixed and the instruments moved out of the way, Matt was delegated as the brave sole to 'dig in'. Upon tearing into the soggy tiles, he was greeted by water-soaked insulation, which had a tendency to simply fall. Soon our ceiling took on a grave appearance.

By the end of the day, with a phone call into our contractor, we were ready to bolt. We had carried out loads of soggy tiles and insulation, swept most everything up, and our generous window cleaners had mopped our show room floor on their stop by. With this done, we could only gaze at the basement anticipating what the next day would bring, on top of the stress of preparing for my leave to get married.

With no instruments damaged we walked away thankful that this adventure did not take a turn for the worst. Repairs of buildings are manageable, but water damaged instruments could have been disastrous.
Only the best,

General Manager
A. Cavallo Violins, LLC

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