Thursday, June 5, 2008

My First Week

     My first week of work here at A. Cavallo Violins has been one of great experience. I have found myself to constantly be striving to take in as much information as possible. From day one here, I have always been open to suggestions from my fellow colleagues on how to improve upon my “first week of work” skills.

     My first day of work here was one filled with both learning and confusion. I walked through the door of A. Cavallo knowing my days of summer leisure were at an end. I was however ready for the challenge of proving myself, and my abilities to yet another individual. The normal “work week” here as proven somewhat similar to a “college week” so far. We arrive at work ready to undertake the tasks set before us. The college world operates very similarly.

     What exactly do I do here?  I assist and observe the marketing process the company goes through in order to sell items all the way from violins and bows to shoulder rests and rosin. With  the company size having increased by 50% from last year, the marketing process is becoming increasingly crucial for the well-being of this company. Along with the growth of sales, the positive reputation of A. Cavallo Violins has also become more widespread. You are able to see this on the faces of people when they walk through the door. Alex treats every customer as a friend and looks out for their interests and well-being.

     I have been very impressed with my fellow employees thus far. The moment I walked in the door, I felt a very warm and welcome atmosphere. They have in a way taken me under their wing and have helped me to deal with various situations I must meet throughout the day. They are always ready to lend a helping hand. My boss, Dr. Alex Ross has also reassured me at times when I feel overwhelmed with the new experiences I am processing. At the same time, he offers the excitement of a challenging work day every time I walk through the door. It keeps all of us on our feet and alert. The experience I learn here has so far and will be very valuable to my future in finding a career in this field. How has my first week here at A. Cavallo Violins been? It has been a challenging week, but it has also been a great week.


Daniel Jacobsen-

College Intern in Marketing



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