Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Art & History of Violin Cases

In the wild west world of eBay, you meet some interesting bidders with all sorts of knowledge. One person we've met so far is collector Glen P. Wood. Now here at the shop, we do a fair share of appraisals on all string things related but Dr. Wood seems to have carved himself as an expert on the art of violin cases. With all those expensive advancements in case technology, who knew that such old world works of protection could be valued as works of art?

I googled the topic at hand and found a lively string of discussions on Maestronet's message board. The latest discussion focused on topics such as the Dr. Wood's book, how to repair old cases, and tracking down auctions such as the 12 Apostles cases.

Dr. Wood recently emailed us the announcement of his new book "The Art & History of Violin Cases". It's a 8.5" x 11" softcover book with 116 pages and 32 full color plate images. The book is divided into sections covering European Case making:(Italy, England, France, Germany, New World) and Modern case making.
"As the cost of collecting violins soars beyond the reach of many, antique violin cases has is becoming the new, hot collectable. To many, the notion of an old violin case is a battered, black coffin case of the type turned out in the millions by factories in France and Germany.

In my new book 'The Art & History of Violin Cases' I illustrate how wonderful and interesting these cases can be. Years of research in museums and private collections have yielded a treasure trove of inspirational examples which provide guidance to the collector."
-Dr. Glenn P. Wood
Now, I'm not in a scholarly position to do book reviews but do check it out and give some feedback. The informal reviews over at Maestronet seem to be fairly positive. Who knows? Maybe this could become the equivalent of a Henley's Guide. I'd also love to see if Dr. Wood could do another history book on other string instrument cases.

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