Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Last week...A brief break from the violin biz

Last week, I took a break from the shop routine and went off to visit University of Michigan. No plans to pickup the old fiddle in graduate school but looking for potential architecture programs. The Detroit airport greeted me with rain and the shuttle to Ann Arbor dropped me off to a campus anticipating snow. I had a great time visiting the campus and talking with fellow prospectives. It's at the top of the list right now but a bit of a conundrum when I head that I was accepted at American University as well. Architecture or Film? Can't there be a way to combine the two?

[Alex's desk, bargain buy from Craig's List]

Meanwhile, Matt had managed to put back together the rest of the table that we struggled to drag into the shop. A must have for Alex who became quickly desk-less as each computer became occupied by Laura, Clara, Matt or Me- a musical chair of sorts we've had to play. The used to operate on 2 main computers and another as the third wheel. That quickly changed as we're looking to add a 5th for Alex's personal desk. Looks like another networking project is on the horizon.
[Matt, our employee in training]

Gregg Regan, the sales rep from JR Music, came by the same day I had left for Ann Arbor. For the few days he was here, he got to observe the retail end of how the shop operates. Although there were a few slow days, he got to see some action on Saturday. The Italian Scrollavezza Violin sold and with it a Roger Zabinski bow. Mad props for Gregg venturing out all the way from Rhode island and helping us out a bit.

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