Saturday, February 16, 2008

BBC NEWS | Magazine: How to Repair a Valuable Violin

Damaged Areas on David Garrett's Violin

  1. Cracks running vertical and around sides
  2. Cracks near f-holes
  3. Two sound post cracks on the top
  4. Bass bar crack
  5. Neck Repair
"If someone has a liver transplant, who are they? A Stradivarius violin with one rib of the six replaced is still a Strad. That said, the necks of all Stradivariuses are relatively new as these wear out - and they are not intrinsic to the sound."

-David Morris (Director of Restorers NY J&A Beare)

Check out this short interesting article about repairing a recently cracked 1772 Giovani Guadagnini violin. Guadagnini instruments rivals and if not matches the master works of a Stradivarius. The article describes the circumstances under which the violin was damaged and whether or not an extensively repaired instrument can be still claimed as one of the great maker's works.

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Earl P. said...

Will this work with a cheap violin like the ones found at


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