Friday, January 4, 2008

Xmas Card from Jon Paul Bows: Holiday Frog Thoughts

[scanned holiday greeting card cover from JonPaul Bows , i kid you not]

I still don't get this cover. It's sooo random. The frog's kind of chilling out in the cup of eggnog, maybe because of its proof level, and an oh so subtle Jon Paul violin bow's end is in the mix with some lovely hollies. Maybe I drink from that froggy cup, I'll start to understand. Wait a minute...violin frog, xmas themes, real live frog...nah, I still don't get it;)

The card reads:

I'm no prince, but I am a heck of a kisser.

Christmas is coming and Froggy's getting fat
Hey, who you calling fat?

Dude, check out my new iPad. Ribit

Horseflies roasting on an open fire...

Horny toads duet better.

Thank you and hoppy New Year.

Sigh...Musicians are known to have corny jokes and real bad puns. This is a case of really bad "humor" mixed with hackneyed holiday phrases. But it's all the more worth blogging about, right?

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