Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Viral Garden: A Marketing Blog's View of Corner Violin Shop

I couldn't stop grinning last week when a customer told us they were looking for possible local teachers after reading from Corner Violin Shop. It feels great when people not only recognize you from cyberspace but can also trust you enough to inquire about you in real life:)

On top of that , I got a tip from blogger Daltonsbriefs that marketing blog The Viral Garden did a nice critique on our blog. We happened to be featured in their series called the Company Blog Checkup Series. This popular series features a company's blog and examines how effective it is to the reader in terms of content, visual layout, timeliness of postings, and how comments are dealt. Basically, this blog provides some informative criticism for other small business blogger hopefuls and of course for the featured company.

"As a whole, the Corner Violin Shop's blog is a decent blog and probably very similar to many small businesses that decide to start a blog themselves. My key suggestions going forward would be to give us more pictures/information on the writers and workers themselves, and to also do everything possible to get the word out about the blog to existing customers. If possible, also spend some time online on forums and social sites contributing to the community. Doing so is a wonderful and vital tool in promoting your blog."
-The Viral Garden (Jan. 28, 2008)
Viral Garden is written by Mack Collier, a social media consultant, whose focus is on a "community-first" approach to marketing using social media. He has some wonderful tips for any of you dealers or makers out there that want to get their names out.

I've decided to take some of his advice and plan to do some work on the following:
  • Reintegrate staff pictures with updated bio information
  • 3 consistent publishing dates a week: M,W,F or Tues, Thur,Sat?
  • Move up the Feeds & Bookmarking badges
  • Work on creating a Facebook network
Thank you for the tip Daltonsbriefs and thanks for your critique The Viral Garden.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if this posts twice - I got a weird error the first time I tried to submit it.

A three time / week update schedule is wonderful, I always look forward to your posts and would love to see more of them!

Also, if you're taking recommendations / requests for post topics, I'd love to hear more about the instruments & accessories that the staff use when they play. I'm always curious about what kinds of fiddles, strings and rosins everyone else likes.

If I ever make it out to Omaha (from Pittsburgh, so it's not exactly close) I'll definitely stop by to say hi!

chg said...

Hi jamijo!
Will take your requests into consideration. This week I was planning on posting two more entries about some very weird instruments that have come to our shop.

Just curious, how did you come across our blog? Seems like you're a musician as well.

Hope you enjoy our blog and hear from you soon:)

Anonymous said...

I bought the German Strad copy that needed lots of TLC over ebay in early fall - the one with the huge crack in the top & missing some wood under the chin rest. It doesn't get played as much as it should, but it works well for a backup / travel violin (and went on my honeymoon with me this fall!) I came across the website while I was researching before placing a bid, liked the blog and linked to the RSS feed on my journal :)

Ben Clapton said...

HI Guys,
Seeing as you're asking how people found your blog, I thought I'd let you know.
I signed up to all the RSS feeds of music blogs that I could find - and there was one source that I used. Chris Foley from The Collaborative Piano Blog has a Pagecasts page where he lists a number of Music related blogs - I think there's 220 in total.

Plus I think I've heard of you over at but I might be wrong about that.

Mack Collier said...

Glad you enjoyed the Company Blog Checkup on your blog. I love the latest post showing pics of Lester rehairing a bow, that's perfect!

As for the 3-post schedule, check and see how your traffic has been trending, but for most blogs it seems that Tues-Thurs are the best days for traffic.


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