Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our New Neighbors: Clasicos Cakery is Finally Open!

About mid-August, I arrived to work as usual and our next door neighbor, the Village Stationary, had suddenly vanished. I looked inside to find it completely empty, wall paper and everything. Actually, they had just moved down 6 bays West toward the middle of the plaza. A few weeks later, a banner was posted on the front door announcing the opening of a bakery.
Well, the banner originally read "Opening in October" but they a ran a few months late. At least they were able to open up just before Christmas. During their move in time though, we were a bit worried with all vibrations on walls caused by our neighbor's the drilling and sawing. The instruments hung on the wall started to shake and then you could hear the ringing tone of strings all had settled. They brought us some peace offerings though like a sheet of extra cookies and the tops of cake that been scraped off.

I got to meet with Jason, the cakery owner, on opening night last Friday. I wish him all the best of luck and please check out Clasicos Cakery. You'll probably see me run over there for my new afternoon donut break.

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