Friday, December 7, 2007

Floor Display for the Holidays: Violin Tailpiece Ornaments, Musical Jewelry, and Plenty of Ribbons

I can't emphasize this enough in retail, especially during the holidays, but things have always got to be changing for the customers.
Granted, we don't have window shoppers that buy violins on display at the spur of the moment, but a change in their daily foot path around the plaza can get their attention.

This of course means the seasonal shifting of display stands and the layout of the shop. Laura and her mom, Nana, came to our rescue a few weeks ago to decorate the shop.

Fishing wire is always useful around the shop. Mainly for hanging violins but also for ornaments on the tree.
Laura and Nana went a bit crazy with the red ribbons as they bow tied everything in the shop.
My favorite though was the ingenious holly wreath they made from our graveyard of used chinrests, pegs.

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Wonderful pictures!


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