Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Creepy Classics at the Holland Performing Arts Center

Creepy Classics
Conductor: Earnest Richardson
Sunday, October 28, 2007 2:00 pm.
Kiewet Concert Hall
The Holland Performing Arts Center

The Omaha Symphony starts its Family Concert Series on Sunday with a program called Creepy Classics.
"The performance features spooky music, trick-or-treating and scary surprises. Don’t forget to wear your costume for a frightfully delightful time. Come early to visit the Instrument Petting Zoo and to participate in fun lobby activities"
-Omaha Symphony
Classical music is often perceived to be the more "spiritual" genre but events like this help gives the image of an orchestra as fun and accessible. When else can you see an orchestra dress up in costume for the occasion instead of their usual penguin attire?
[Taken from Flicker vxla's photostream, Univ. of Chicago Halloween Concert]

[Purdue Symphony Orchestra’s annual Halloween family pops concert]

Well, I was going to blog today about different orchestras dressing up for Halloween. It seems to be an annual trend. Unfortunately, can't really find many in concert photos but did manage to stumble upon musicians dressed in spirit.

[ViolaCats, member of Ottawa's Divertimento]

[Taken from Flickr, AnnMarieCalhoun]

[Taken from Flickr, interrobang's photostream]

[Taken from Flickr, kristiecat's photostream]

And of course, my favorite...

[Taken from Flickr, Lenore Ramm's photostream]

Keep on playing, happy Halloween!

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