Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cracked Violin Bow Repair

This is a repair I haven't seen performed. A customer brought in one of his bows for rehair and we discovered there was a small crack in the middle of his stick. With the customer's permission, we proceeded to mend what had already been damaged.

Normally, I'm the one that blogs about the repairs and projects but I'm certainly no expert on this subject. Leave it to the repair man Lester to explain. However, he's always tied up with repairs and still computer illiterate;) That's why I thought it might be better for this entry to have some selected excerpts from our conversations at the bench.

LK: I'm going to be wrapping it with this silk. What you do is keep do is wrap it with this silk and try to keep it nice and tight...wrap it a little before and past the crack. That will help it and... help it, prevent it, the crack from growing, and getting worse and breaking the stick.

CHG: Where did you learn how to do this repair, up in New Hampshire?
LK: Well, not formally in a class but I learned it from a girl up in school. Yeah, it's a very basic simple repair.

CHG: So you have all the silk winding on here holding the crack in place, but I mean what's that going to really do? Are you going to put a splinter in it? Or are you going to heat it?
: You wrap it up and then you glue it.
: That's it?
: That's it.

AR: $495 bucks! $495 bucks!"(At this point, I get distracted as Alex is in the background raving about an eBay item that just sold. We both just ignore him.)

: Now the cracks have no where to go, if you tie up the cracks.
: Does it really strengthen it?
: It doesn't but it prevents it from breaking it. (At this point, Lester has glued his fingers together.)

LK: Oh that one's glued.
CHG: Now is it impossible to get any of that off?
LK: What?
CHG: The glue
LK: Nah.
Debonder fluid to the rescue.
LK See now Chris, what I'll do to make it "pretty" (in a high pitched voice) is once the super glue dries and then I can get I'll take a file, a fine file, and then a sandpaper and take a micromesh, and it will be really polished, really smooth.


Gebeleizis said...

Good blog! Thanks for letting me know about it when I bought the dark rosin from you.

Maddy said...

Ha!! I loved the Alex in the background part! I litereally laughed out loud! Good blog Chris!


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